red light therapy: time machine or waste of time?

Beauty Angel or Beauty Bust?


On my most recent trip to the salon for my weekly spray tan I decided to try out a new machine that has been calling my name from it’s glowing pink room for quite some time now:

The Ergoline Total Body Enhancement Beauty Angel.

beauty angel



This red light therapy “lounge” claims to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, tighten the skin and minimize pores, and improve the overall look and texture of skin. The magic behind this technology is full-body collagen lamps that use visible red light wavelengths with a peak output in the 633nm range to energize the skin’s natural collagen and elastin restoration processes via photo rejuvenation therapy.

Another feature of the stand-up is the VibraShake platform on which you stand on.  The VibraShake feature comes with four different settings ranging from beginner, to muscle training, to cellulite reduction. All four settings improve circulation, stimulate core muscles and promote muscle relaxation.


The cost of a package or even a single session of this therapy is pretty steep but, thankfully for me, I know the owner of this salon and she gave me a trial session. She did, although, manage to up-sell me the $60 iRenew red light therapy skin cell rejuvenator cream.



Which I’m totally okay with because you all know I’m a sucker for skin creams.


The first thing I did when I entered the room was get naked and slather the iRenew cream all over my body. Let me make this clear that I have never been more in love with a body cream in my life! I would use this cream even if I’m not about to enter a red light chamber. The cream literally just glided across my skin and instantly transformed any parched regions I had to a superb supple texture.

As I entered the chamber I felt as though I was entering a stand-up tanning sun capsule. The design is completely the same, including the hand bars to hold onto.

I pressed the start button and as the lights powered up I was greeted by a warm and gentle, southern voiced woman. The southern belle eased me through all of the menu features and then informed me to choose a VibraShake program.


Obviously I chose the advanced program.


The sensation of the platform beneath my feet vibrating and jiggling parts of my body, that I would rather not jiggle, was a little bit strange and unnerving at first, but the warmth and glow from the red lights quickly had me forget about what was happening to my body. The vibrations changed in intensity throughout the 10 minute program but it was really easy to get accustomed to each change. So I decided to turn up the music full blast and take it all in.


But first, lemme take a selfie.






After 10 minutes the VibraShake ended and I had one minute left of just the red lights. One thing I like about this machine is there are no UV lights at all and unless your are sensitive to bright light you can open your eyes. So in my last minute I danced away like a ratchet schoolgirl while updating statuses on all my social media platforms until the lights turned off and I endured 10 seconds of blindness while my eyes adjusted to the dark room.


I did as the southern lady said, and moisturized my whole body, applied some sunscreen (it was noon on a very hot day) and drank a full glass of water. As I was applying my usual moisturizer I noticed that my skin was a lot more soft then my walk over to the salon, but this could also be from the amazing iRenew cream that I had just used.


I couldn’t tell if the VibraShake did anything except that I was a little bit sweaty between my thighs, so if anything it was helping to burn some calories while I stood there.


The treatment time for this service before seeing any results is pretty lengthy. It states that you should ideally go for 12 minutes 2-3 times a week for a total of 3 months for full results. ($$$)

I really did enjoy the experience of my first use and I feel as though I have a certain glow to my skin after stepping out, so I have decided that I will continue and complete the recommended treatment time. I will post a weekly update on the results and any progression that this red light therapy has achieved, so stay tuned!



What are your thoughts on red light therapy? Beauty innovation or money grabber? Have you tested the Beauty Angel Lounge? Been through the entire treatment length??

Comment below anything that you think of this service!


And always remember, to put your BEST face forward.


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